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     What is Bio-Energetic Therapy / Energy Medicine? 

You are here due to some type of dis-ease or possibly feel you're stuck or stagnant within your life, that you are not happy and has been reducing your quality of life and you know that there to be other options.  You are correct!

Bioenergetic Therapy is a permanent scientific healing modality that focuses on the root cause of the issue and not the symptom. Why place Duct Tape on something that needs to be fixed.  The main focus of Bioenergetic  Therapy is to find the stressors that are causing ill effects and dis-ease within your body.   Some of these stressors can be psychological stress, nutritional deficiencies, fears and phobias, environmental stress (either within a building, vehicle or other possibilities), physical issues within the body mechanics of function and movement.  Once the stress is identified we then start using gentle techniques to bring the body back into a state of homeostasis or balance and harmony. 

The amazing concept this type of therapy is that no two treatments are the same.  We were all created in our very own unique way with our own life experiences, that requires a custom treatment for each client.  With a variety of possibilities exist for how each person will begin their journey to a healthy new life!  This can involve the use of essential oils, magnets, homeopathic products, herbal remedies, nutritional supplementation, sound and vibrational remedies, and most commonly a thought process along with other possibilities.  This type of therapy does not require a person to talk out-loud about the issue if they do not feel comfortable sharing with the practitioner.  The issues can still be dealt with privately.

  Natural  Therapy, formally known as Health Kinesiology is a Scientifically based healing modality that generally takes two to three years to complete the training and obtain certification. This proven natural healing protocol was developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott.  Dr. J Scott has also written many research papers for both traditional scientific and medical journals.  Over the years his Psychology he developed the HK energy model.   Within this model of natural healing, the Chinese acupuncture system is used along with applied kinesiology. 


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