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This is a Canadian Company so there are no surprise exchange rate charges or Duty!  You can open your own account and receive your products in a couple days or you can pick them up directly from Advent Body Health.
Please mention my name Veronica Potts when ordering online.  

Ameo  essential oils will help you continue to feel your best, look
your best, be your best, and have the energy and vitality needed to
 enjoy your life; this new life begins with the numerous benefits of
using these oils on a daily basis. Congratulations on deciding to take
 the next step towards enhancing your existence.  From one Rich Soul
to another, welcome to Ameo.

Want to begin living life to the fullest? Reduce stress,
gain energy and feel and look your best? Give your
body what it needs. Give it Mannatech.
Real nutrition. Real science. Real [4] for Life.Four core
products are at the heart of our commitment to Real
Food Technology solutions.

Specializes in whole-food concentrates and nutritional
supplements that improve the quality of people’s lives.
With over 30 products in the product line, there is sure
to be something for your needs.
Book your Health Kinesiology appointment to keep
improving your well-being.

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