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 I work with people to find out what stress is blocking them from accomplishing their goals, what foods are causing their bodies to go out of balance, correcting health issues, or what nutrients they need to keep their bodies functioning at their best. What are the emotional stressors in your life that are causing you grief or preventing you from feeling relaxed and at peace with yourself. On going pain can be removed or at the very least reduced so you can start living an active mobile life again! The body knows how to deal with all these issues and more and the Best part is, it knows how to fix them and in the best possible order for you!  

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  Every cell in our body is designed to communicate with each other and along with every other system , including the nervous system.   When our bodies fail to function like they were designed to, it`s due to a break- down in communication within our different energy centers.

There are a few different energy centres within our bodies, these include such systems as the Chakras, Aura, Meridians and the more notable ones such as the Endocrine, Nervous and Cellular System.  There are several hundred chakras that are present within our bodies, but most people only know about the seven main ones.  The Chakras take in and release energy from our environment, the Aura is like a electromagnetic field around our bodies which senses different environmental signals both beneficial and detrimental to our well being.  The meridian system helps to keep things flowing and with modern technology has been confirmed along with the presence of the Auric field around living organisms. 

 Our first line of defence is our Auric field.  This is where we start to sense things, even as a young child. Most issues develop into a physical problems due to a break-down from our outermost system of energy recognition.   If not dealt with, eventually it causes disturbances  within our meridians, then at a cellular level and will eventually manifest into a physical dis - ease.    So if you want to remove the dis-ease at the cause, this is where one should start the healing process.  At the base of the cause and correct it, from within and moving outwards. 

When your system is not communicating the way it should be, this can cause an overload of information, the wrong information or even no information at all being passed into and out of the cells.  These disturbances can manifest as such things, like Anxiety, Malabsorption of nutrients, hormonal dysfunction, PTSD, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, allergies and so much more.   When these circuits are broken or disrupted your body has a communication break-down and will not functions at its best.  When all the systems within the body are communicating correctly this allows for the correct information to reach their designated contact and you then have a healthy functioning body.  

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