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Chakra Balancing 
Chakra Balancing techniques to clean and heal your chakras. Very powerful and intuitive Energy healer
With the daily events of work and life in general, our Chakra`s can stop functioning correctly and become stagnate or even disconnected from us.  There are over 88,000 Chakras located on various areas of the human body, with the 7 main Chakras flowing mid-line from the top of your head to just below your spine.  I mainly deal with these 7 Chakras along with other locations to help bring your body back into balance and open these energy center up so you may experience a sense of peace, grounding and well-being.

Your session will consist of an in-take form with basic information about yourself, an energetic cleansing, balancing, opening, and any possibilities that we may have time to offer your body to experience a healing journey that is created just for you and your personal Chakra balancing experience. 

This Chakra Energy Healing Session will help to restore the natural flow of energy within your Chakra`s and help you feel more in control of your life and well-being!  As with all my Energy Sessions you keep your own energy and I will keep mine, we will not share energy, rather I only work in your energy system and I will clear you of any excess energy that is not serving you and help to open up your Chakra Energy system. This will allow your body to utilize the flow of energy to flow freely within and about your energetic system.


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