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Cell Phone Neutralizer 
Reduce the emf`s coming off your cell phone and protect your loved ones. Advent distance healing, natural  bioenergetics therapy proven Energy medicine for natural health energy healer
The Neutralizer contains a proprietary blend of natural materials which neutralize harmful emissions. The powerful effect of this blend of natural materials was first discovered when it was used to neutralize and remove lead and zinc from a landfill during an environmental cleanup project.Three micro-thin layers of activated rare-earth elements produce the thinnest, most effective neutralizer ever.Electromagnetic fields are all around us. In their natural form they are harmless. When electromagnetic fields are man-made, they have been shown to disrupt the DNA structure of our bodies, as scientific studies have shown.Other cell phone radiation protectors act as blockers or absorbers.  The Aulterra Neutralizer is a better solution.  Blockers simply block a portion of the stream of the radiation, and most of the radiation simply moves around the blocking device.  Absorbers do absorb cell phone radiation, but quickly become saturated and stop working.  The Aulterra Neutralizer keeps on working, neutralizing cell phone radiation. more info 
$33.00 can 

Whole House Plug
 Advent distance healing, natural  bioenergetics therapy proven Energy medicine for natural health energy healer
Convenient Plug-In version for "Dirty Electricity" in your wiring.
Dirty Electricity and other electrical pollution come from a number of sources.  Today, for a number of reasons, it's becoming increasingly contaminated with invisible micro-surges of dangerous radio frequency radiation and other electromagnetic contaminates now referred to as "Dirty Electricity".

It is produced by "modern energy-efficient lighting and electronic devices such as lighting, computers, gaming electronics, appliances, entertainment centers, among others. Electromagnetic frequencies and contaminates ride along on a building's electrical system and can contaminate an entire building and even buildings and homes nearby…. more people are experiencing symptoms of electrosensitivity known as "Electrical Hypersensitivity" (EHS), as a result of their ongoing exposure to Dirty Electricity and increasing amounts of electromagnetic energy.

The Aulterra whole house plug fits into any electrical outlet to retune the wiring. Also, it prevents outside EMFs from getting into the house. One Aulterra whole house plug works for most homes and small office buildings. NOTE: The color may be yellow, orange or gray, whichever color we receive from the manufacturer.
 It covers up to 5,000 sq. ft., neutralizing the EMF;s coming from all electrical devices plugged into the inside of outside of the home. You home's built in wiring system lets the Whole House Neutralizer power through your house without using any electricity and neutralizing every device plugged into any outlet. i.e. microwave, TV, computer, telephones, refrigerator, etc. Simply plug The Whole House Neutralizer into any outlet in your home and it will begin neutralizing the harmful effects of EMF's and radiation, to any EMF emitting device that is plugged in to the electrical outlets. If you have wireless devices, cell phones or cordless phones, it is recommended to continue to use the Aulterra Neutralizers, since these items are not plugged in. Most people notice a difference in how they feel a few days after plugging it in (less tired, more energy, fewer or no headaches).

$55.00 can

Auric EMf products  Advent distance healing, natural  bioenergetics therapy proven Energy medicine for natural health energy healer
The energy patterns infused into our carefully chosen natural stone products has the ability to neutralize EMF radiation by changing the atomic make up of EMF. Scientific testing has shown that when EMF radiation comes into the energy field of our products, one photon in the atomic make up of the radiation ‘disappears’.
Energy cannot be destroyed it can however be changed or transformed into other forms. E=MC2 proved that. Consequently, while we cannot yet determine where that extra photon goes, we do know that by simply removing it we transform the sub-atomic structure thereby eliminating the harmful radiation generated by Electromagnetic fields. By wearing our bracelets or placing our Pyramids and Obelisks in key locations you can neutralize the dangerous effects of EMF radiation.

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