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Correct nutrition for your body is a very personal experience.  I work with the understanding and discipline that what one person needs is not necessarily the same as what someone else will need to help them heal.  These are only some of the companies I work with in order to help my clients heal.  For a Custom Nutritional Protocol please book your personal session so we can take the time to ensure your body is receiving the correct nutritional products, in the amount it needs.  Why take more than what your body actually requires.  With a personal session you will know exactly what your body needs according to your own bioenergetic feedback, using muscle testing.    

Natures Sunshine 

Avena natural healthy supplements 
 Advent distance healing, natural  bioenergetics therapy proven Energy medicine for natural health energy healerReclaim Your Health! 

Please contact us for your Avena Original products, the best contact is by sending a text or calling us at 778 349 5069

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