Advent Bioenergetics Distance Energy Healing - Packages

Everybody's healing journey is unique to their own personal experiences. Therefore each session is unique to your own personal needs and healing desires. Packages are designed for people who are serious about making changes in their lives and moving forward from their current position and raising their frequency to a higher level that will serve them better and the people they interact with. It's no mistake that you are here!  You have been searching for answers and help that will create changes for you!  You have chosen my site and expertise to help you move forward in your life to accomplish the goals you have been seeking! 

 I don't automatically agree to take everyone on as a client, and you will be required to have a interview to see if we connect.  If you are open to this process and want to start experiencing positive shifts & changes in your life please contact me via my email, or text 1788 349 5069 to schedule a discovery call.  

Starter Package:5 sessions of one on one service, either on Zoom or in office. The first session is 1.5hrs, body allowing.  The balance 4 sessions, approximately 60 min in duration Sessions are to be completed within 30 days or they expire on day 31. You are responsible for showing up to committed time and schedule.

Anxiety Buster:  This is an intensive 8 week program to change your thought patterns and move you out of the constant place of feeling the pressure and effects of patterns and thoughts no longer serving you.  *You are responsible for showing up to committed time and schedule.  

Private Sessions 
for Anxiety:  The same protocol as above but your sessions are one on one with a different fee    structure.  

Health Issues:  Each persons health is established due to personal choices in life and repetitive   patterns that were chosen, whether consciously or subconsciously.  This package begins with the starter package and then progress from there once we have a better idea of what the body wants and needs.   Please visit my healing accolades page and the main page for some of the issues I have already helped people with. Peoples health concerns may change, but the body still heals the same way, it's finding the formula for each person that makes the difference in your healing. *You are responsible for showing up to committed time and schedule. 



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