Advent Bioenergetics Distance Energy Healing - Testimonies

Kanda Aiello   With Your assistance it was less painful.  A new woman!  Ya ya, my second half of life is going to be just as I imagined for the whole of me.  Thank you again so much...  I feel I've gained not only an amazing healer in my corner, also a wonderful friend.....

Rochelle Frigon~ This woman is amazing!! My life is so much better now, no anxiety, pain is manageable, swelling almost not existent, tummy troubles gone, eczema gone, self confidence thru the roof!  This lady is amazing! Much more then I ever expected, thank you!

 Yvonne Ryder ~ Gurney House of Vision 
"Veronica is very caring and knowledgeable, she takes great care and time to listen to her clients needs..her treatments are very healing!"

Michele Goulet ~ Thank you so much Veronica.... i feel so relaxed and my mind is at ease.. i feel peaceful❤❤❤

Chryssy Tennant 
I went for my first of many Bioenergy Therapy sessions yesterday. I suffer from multiple mental health disorders and I want to decrease the symptoms of these nasty buggers. Yesterday was literally the first day in many many months that I felt relief from Anxiety. I even slept the whole night! This has not happened in over a year! I am thrilled! I went into my session with an open mind and an open heart and let things be natural and the results are impressive. I can't wait for my next session. Veronica is truly wonderful and very knowledgeable. Thank you!

Shawna Gault ~ Body Wisdom Center 
 i believe that , when you see someone that has done an amazing job, you should tell them!!!
As a practitioner, if you believe and support what the other does than recommend them!!! I will send others your way!

Brent William Lukoni
After being told by a specialist that I would be taking medication for the rest of my life for severe acid reflux I thought I would try an alternative method of controlling it. After only a few visits I stopped taking my daily medication. I continued with my appointments with Advent Body Health until my treatment was finished. I have had no re-occurrences and have not taken any medication since I began the treatment. I think if you have an open mind and are willing to try something different then this treatment will help with many ailments. I will not hesitate to seek treatment for any problems that I may encounter in the future. Veronica's professionalism and knowledge of her craft are very reassuring as well.

Heather ~ Dancing Loon Cree-ations
I have been going to Veronica for some treatments and it has done wonders for my health, probably won't have to go that much longer because she has helped me so much. Thank- You and Bless You.

Josiah Barton- Youth for Christ PG
"Very focused on helping improve people's health and meeting their needs. "

Shawn Bortolon 
My first session was incredibly intuitive. I had some healthy skepticism but was impressed by her skills and knowledge. I will be back for a future session.

Carol Joy Warren Green
Seeing Veronica for a series of HK sessions was extremely valuable. The work she does helps you get free of old limiting beliefs and gives you more freedom to be your best self. I always left feeling calm and de-stressed, but the work went beyond that to help me discover I had more options. Recommend her highly.

Shawna Woytula  ......You will not be disappointed with Veronica!!! Amazing lady, extremely thorough. Veronica has a beautiful soul,.....

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