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Yin / Yang

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Most everyone is familiar with this symbol.  It shows several elements, such as change, movement, dark, light, circular, returning, and complementary balance.  The two dots are representation of when one reaches the outer limit of a path and it then must revers and come back on itself. 
Yang is associated with; Heaven, Sunny Light, Sun, Day, Fire, Heat, Hollow, Dryness, Expansive, Masculine.  Yin is associated with; Earth, Cloudy, Dark, Moon, Night, Water, Cold, Solid, Dampness, Receptive, Feminine.  We need all these traits, but they must be in balance for our bodies to function at the best possible level of energy. Chi is the Life Energy and it flows in and around the body, constantly changing, interacting and influencing the physical.  Chi flows through pathways called Meridians, which affect the vitality and function of the organs.  A blocked Meridian can result in a malfunction of any organ in which it passes through.  By stimulating the various acupoints, it`s possible to unblock and balance the flow of Chi energy via the Meridians or Energy Chanel`s, which are located throughout the body.  Preventative Energy Medicine may be your answer to better Health and Vitality.  A Health Kinesiology Session is just one option available at Advent Body Health.  See you soon! www.adventbodyhealth.com

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Blackline Elite on February-03-15 11:10 PM
This is a great inspiring article.I am pretty much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging
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