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Foundation of Training
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Foundation of Training

Education is the most powerful tool
Distance Bioenergetics, Alternative Health, Distance Healing, Energy Medicine, Matrix Healing, Natural Healing, Natural Health, Medical Intuitive, Advent Natural health Distance Healing energy healerOver the years many people have asked me what it is that I do, and how I work with my clients. There is no same protocol for two different people, as we all have individual needs and
they need to be dealt with accordingly.  The foundation of my training is as follows. 

    The basic principles of kinesiology come from Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology / Touch For Health.
 Dr. Scott expanded on those disciplines, basing his work on a solid, scientific understanding of the human electromagnetic energy system, psychology, and psychophysiology. HK™'s broad applications range from electromagnetic issues to psychological and spiritual ones, from allergy and detoxification to geobiology. It offers a unique session structure that is clearly defined enough to guide the newcomer and open-ended enough to include other therapeutic modalities.

A whole-body treatment that releases blockages in energy flow. This can benefit physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being.

Kinesiology can be used both as a preventative approach and treatment to normalize, 
strengthen, and balance the body. It can identify strengths or weaknesses within the musculoskeletal, organ, nervous, or energetic systems of the body and musculoskeletal conditions.Applied Kinesiology can potentially help with range of motion, gait, and posture. 
It is used to address issues within the endocrine, immune, digestive, and nervous systems. 
The overall objective of Applied Kinesiology is early treatment to prevent or slow down certain diseases.

With the basis of this training along with many other certified and PSE courses that I have
received over the years, this how I work with my clients in order to help improve their health, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  

The human body is amazing and we are always learning new theory's and ways to improve and better our health and welling-being.  Having an open mind to the many possibilities is the first
step to reaching the healing possibilities and goals a person wants to obtain.  As a Bio-Energetic Kinesiology Professional, we like the the idea that; 

`Miracles Occur Every Day; The Impossible Takes Just A Little Longer`

Contact Advent Body Health today and start experiencing the changes you have been wanting.
Sessions available in Studio or via Skype

Advent Body Health
Integrative Health, Changing Your Outlook! 

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