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Foundation of Training
What is Bioenergetic Therapy? (Health Kinesiology)
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Foundation of Training

Education is the most powerful tool
Distance Bioenergetics, Alternative Health, Distance Healing, Energy Medicine, Matrix Healing, Natural Healing, Natural Health, Medical Intuitive, Advent Natural health Distance Healing energy healerOver the years many people have asked me what it is that I do, and how I work with my clients. There is no same protocol for two different people, as we all have individual needs and
they need to be dealt with accordingly.  The foundation of my training is as follows. 

    The basic principles of kinesiology come from Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology / Touch For Health.
 Dr. Scott expanded on those disciplines, basing his work on a solid, scientific understanding of the human electromagnetic energy system, psychology, and psychophysiology.

What is Bioenergetic Therapy? (Health Kinesiology)

You are obviously here due to some type of dis-ease that has been reducing your quality of life and you know that there has to be other options.  You are correct!

Head ache release Advent distance healing, natural  bioenergetics therapy proven Energy medicine for natural health energy healerNatural Bioengertic Therapy, formally known as Health Kinesiology is a Scientifically based healing modality that generally takes two to three years to complete the training and obtain certification. This proven natural healing protocol was developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott.  Dr. J Scott has also written many research papers for both traditional scientific and medical journals.
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